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Use by sending a unix timestamp to countTime(timestamp). It will return something like 40 seconds , 2 weeks, 1 hour. Then just format to your needs like we do in our app: Someone was here 10 minutes ago.
0 534 posted 12 years ago by GeorgeL
The current time, converted from UNIX timestamp to use in MySQL DATETIME
0 724 posted 13 years ago by koko
Construct DateTime object with unix timestamp
0 463 posted 14 years ago by iloveitaly
Doesn't work on Windows, obviously
1 517 posted 14 years ago by tclancy
0 530 posted 15 years ago by stavelin
A simple but usefull smarty plugin to convert a unix timestamp to any date format. Usage: {$var|convertunix:"d-m-Y"}
2 770 posted 15 years ago by FrankBr
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