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To use just edit the Twitter user ID which appears at the bottom of the snippet. You may want to change the location where the tweets are cached, by default they are stored at the root level of your domain. The reason for caching is that Twitter limi...
0 694 posted 12 years ago by f6design
Just a fun and silly way to asynchronously update tweets about Justin Bieber.
3 550 posted 12 years ago by Nettuts
"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." --Mahatma Gandhi
1 594 posted 12 years ago by ksaver
Since the 31 of august 2010, twitter made its API more secure, stopping basic authentication calls. So, if you used basic authentication you have to change your code and implement oAuth authentication model or you can follow this link and found a mi...
1 858 posted 12 years ago by ginoplusio
To follow all of members in a list, you may want to use http://tweepml.org/
0 417 posted 12 years ago by zuzara
Also posted at http://pastebin.com/9FzakUcd
0 387 posted 12 years ago by ksaver
More Info: http://dev.twitter.com/doc/get/statuses/user_timeline
0 348 posted 12 years ago by jens89
1) Open Automator (Mac) -> Choose: Service -> Applescript -> paste this script -> save. \r\n\r\n2) Open System preferences -> Keyboard -> Services -> Find the service you just saved in Automator, and dobbel-click at the right side of the name of the...
0 419 posted 12 years ago by Macgeeky
Make sure you change username.json to your actual username and #twitter to the actual selector you wish to update.
3 388 posted 12 years ago by iqwebdev
0 416 posted 12 years ago by screamwork
This script works good condition, and not use "oAuth". Your should get username and password with cleartext (standart html controls) without authentication and just add them into variables in your code... (twitter_username and twitter_password) A...
0 461 posted 12 years ago by emregulcan
1 430 posted 12 years ago by Mosaic
split_to_chunks splits the string up into an array with elements containing 140 characters <b>or less</b>. This enables you to keep words intact when sending automated twitter messages. $to is needed in order to subtract from 140 the amount of cha...
0 626 posted 12 years ago by s0l1dsnak3123
This small function receive a text as input and returns an html text with links if the source text contains urls (http://www… but also ftp://… and every other protocol), emails, twitter’s usernames (with @ at the beginning) and also twitter tag...
0 617 posted 12 years ago by ginoplusio
PHP function of mini bot class that lets you retrieve twitter infos from twitter nickname. ($this->attr method is part of the Mini Bot Class)
2 526 posted 12 years ago by ginoplusio
This is the beginning of my retrieval of twitter status class...just something im playing with right now. It retrieves the xml, saves it on your server, then you can either use javascript or php to traverse the xml tree.
0 491 posted 12 years ago by alvincrespo
0 378 posted 12 years ago by maryann
1 451 posted 12 years ago by maryann
There has to be a better way to do this rather than using regular expressions to remove the various namespaces within the ATOM feed. Also variables could be reused (currently used for teaching so helpful to explain process). Based on: http://www.r...
2 535 posted 12 years ago by eddequincey
0 296 posted 12 years ago by maryann
This report looks at the most recent Tweet from each person in your friends list and keeps track of which client they're using. It then prints out a report showing how many people use each client, with the most popular at the bottom. Code is writt...
0 371 posted 12 years ago by prwood
I didn't create this but I have used it man time. It's super easy to implement and customize.
0 552 posted 12 years ago by thehamilton
Modified version of the script created by Dave Stevens, Enables the user to input their credentials on a webpage rather than having to change the actual php script code. Changes: Changed $user,$pass,$term This is a modified script, the original...
0 430 posted 12 years ago by jonathonmaguire