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The loading of JS social buttons its deferred until onload event its fired.
0 451 posted 9 years ago by jefrancomix
Include twitter bootstrap, as of this writing is at v2.0.4 and the following JS / html to your page and also uses Glyphicons.
0 598 posted 10 years ago by crypticsoft
Script for twitter widget
0 451 posted 10 years ago by CKOink
Share current page on Facebook wall or Twitter
1 444 posted 11 years ago by pratheep
Note: replace "USERNAME" with your own twitter username. This is using cycle plugin with easing which is applied after the tweets are populated.
1 659 posted 11 years ago by crypticsoft
Display the latest tweets of a user using JavaScript. Not really a recommended way. If Twitter is slow, your site will load slow. I would recommend using my PHP implementation instead. It will not hang your site if Twitter is not working.
1 352 posted 12 years ago by mloberg
Code in single.php, loop.php, index.php, page.php, category.php, und archive.php , innerhalb des loops einfügen.
0 495 posted 12 years ago by PM-Webdesign
Just a fun and silly way to asynchronously update tweets about Justin Bieber.
3 550 posted 12 years ago by Nettuts
This javascript greets visitors to your website depending on where they come from. There are messages for visitors coming from Entrecard, Twitter, and search engines. It should be easy to adapt the code to include other referral sites as well. In...
0 408 posted 13 years ago by benjamin
0 406 posted 13 years ago by jonniespratley
Does autoscrolling, language translation, RT, via, and short url destination resolution. I think a Mac user made this because it doesn't work for Firefox, IE and Opera, but does in Chrome and Safari.
0 327 posted 13 years ago by rickdog
1 393 posted 13 years ago by selfmadepsyche
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