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Dynamic equal height columns that account for padding and borders.
1 558 posted 9 years ago by o0110o
This javascript will create a complex google javascript map with multiple locations selected marked. The map will be centered in the middle and zoomed so that all point can be seen. It also stylizes the map making it mostly desaturated with bits of o...
0 894 posted 10 years ago by FatFolderDesigner
Description: A function that add a class to an element if the element doesn't have anyone, if it already has one, add a new class name. Arguments: The elemento to which you want to add the class and the name of the class you want to add. From boo...
0 540 posted 11 years ago by alberomo
Not sure what I\'d ever use this for as it doesn\'t exactly lend itself to flexibility in the long term, but saving it anyway.
0 594 posted 12 years ago by stephcode
0 512 posted 13 years ago by antij
0 438 posted 13 years ago by jonniespratley
Very easy to use JS Calendar Control with so many customization options.
0 490 posted 13 years ago by design2develop
you can use this function for ie javascript bug. Ä°t is switchin display with javascript
0 468 posted 14 years ago by Thresh
Useful functions to get around browser incompatibilities when working with stylesheets. If you find any errors, please leave a comment.
0 503 posted 14 years ago by wizard04
I use this in addition to the number_format (http://snipplr.com/view/5945/javascript-numberformat--ported-from-php/) snippit in SWFUpload to display the size of files a user is preparing to upload.
0 2627 posted 15 years ago by inkdeep
Very simple style switcher using jquery. Takes 3 links with id's on each. When one is clicked various styles are removed, then a new one is added.
3 684 posted 15 years ago by 1man
This function looks for tables in a web page, then loops through the rows and sets the backgroundColor for ever other row.This creates a striped table which is easier to read.
2 631 posted 16 years ago by 1man
1 452 posted 16 years ago by Corhol
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