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This python script takes the SMS message and phone number as arguments.\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\n Before you run this script, please 1) search for \\\\\\\'yourusername\\\\\\\' in this file and replace it with your way2sms.com username. 2) search for \\\...
0 90 posted 9 years ago by vissu
This snippet just updates your tables which infected "<script> </script>" code blocks. You must update all columns one by one.
2 102 posted 10 years ago by emregulcan
The bare minimum required tags in the head tag of any HTML doc...
1 101 posted 10 years ago by jaymanpandya
You can use this SP like that; Exec CleanInjection 'INFECTED WORD','CLEAN WORD' (in use : Exec CleanInjection '<script></script>','')
2 66 posted 10 years ago by emregulcan
Detect and echo browser version including differentiating between Chrome and Safari.
3 98 posted 10 years ago by vagrantradio
0 74 posted 10 years ago by mvrilo
A quick and easy function to convert seconds into easily readable time. (90 seconds = 01:30)
1 77 posted 10 years ago by cessnajumpin
This is the correct markup for an inline script tag for HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0 Note the lack of any "language" attribute since this is deprecated. In HTML 4, the content type is declared as CDATA, which means that entities will not be parsed....
0 64 posted 10 years ago by PapillonUK
0 41 posted 10 years ago by ascarion
0 60 posted 10 years ago by nflamel
Many scripts rely on `$_SERVER[SCRIPT_URL]` which is sometimes missing. This function detects it from other server variables and fixes the missing field.
1 82 posted 10 years ago by drwitt
here's a script, mod_files.sh, in ext/session for creating directory tree with depth X for sessions. As it stands, it's pretty poorly documented and very basic. I * got exceptionally bored and rewrote most of it, the patch is attached. It runs...
0 98 posted 10 years ago by nkm
> <code>__Usage:__<br> > ./svn-export.sh [repository/subdir] [rev1] [rev2]</code>
0 58 posted 10 years ago by tcmacdonald
gets the svn version of the cwd
0 57 posted 10 years ago by iloveitaly
There is no debian startup script for the lighttpd webserver, if you install the server from sources. You could rewrite the redhat init script for your self, but i've already done this for you :-)
0 50 posted 10 years ago by crypt
Modified version of the script created by Dave Stevens, Enables the user to input their credentials on a webpage rather than having to change the actual php script code. Changes: Changed $user,$pass,$term This is a modified script, the original...
0 76 posted 10 years ago by jonathonmaguire
0 49 posted 10 years ago by berkes
testing tool: http://www.pythonregex.com/
0 160 posted 10 years ago by backlashblues
Do not use this php file exactly as it is. It's only to demonstrate the basics of the api. You *must* do form checking to ensure safe values are passed. Also, it's a really bad and very insecure practice to put a form like this publicly on your w...
1 153 posted 10 years ago by shaunjanssens
To run, save as twitterbackup.rb: ruby twitterbackup.rb yourtwittername
1 108 posted 10 years ago by beandr
*IE7 sometimes complains that a JavaScript script is running too slow and asks the user whether they want to terminate it or continue. *To get rid of this annoying popup a few changes need to be made to the registry. *ref: http://www.itwriting.com...
0 99 posted 10 years ago by stoyan
Gets the absolute path of the script itself even when it's executing, not just a simple "pwd".
1 75 posted 10 years ago by loungerdork