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The following code sample shows how developers can replace multiple texts in a single API call in a PDF file using Aspose.Pdf for Cloud API in their applications. Developers can use Aspose REST API with any language: .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Pyt...
0 959 posted 8 years ago by johansonkatherine
replace special characters
0 510 posted 10 years ago by Narayon
Search for a string, if matched replace with second provided paramater. Third parameter is the variable whose value is the string you'd like to search.
0 492 posted 10 years ago by inreflection7
0 366 posted 11 years ago by kyabas
0 740 posted 12 years ago by irmantas
0 509 posted 13 years ago by petrafull
0 512 posted 13 years ago by Zwendel
You can get hostname from script environment - getenv("HTTP_HOST") (?!'.$host.') matches URLs always except local links
0 455 posted 13 years ago by kossmoss
Affects <A> tags for links starting with $link Example: LinkReplacer ($text, 'http://www.snipplr.com') affects to <a href="http://www.snipplr.com">Snipplr</a> and <a href="http://www.snipplr.com/blog">Snipplr Blog</a>
0 486 posted 13 years ago by kossmoss
// FUNCION BY Ahmet Alp Balkan // http://www.ahmetalpbalkan.com
2 501 posted 13 years ago by prf_q
This function uses the power of regexp to check if some bad word are on the text, also offers the posibility to change those word for something else. Examples:\r\n\r\n$texto = \'fuck off!\';\r\nfiltrado($texto); returns true since a bad word has been...
1 546 posted 14 years ago by oso96_2000
Strip out non-alphanumeric characters. Very useful for use with filenames.
3 495 posted 15 years ago by andyhartleeds
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