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This is a free Magento extension that allows notifications to be sent to administrators when there are new orders placed <p>_ Check new orders through mails without logging in</p> <p>_ Permits multiple email addresses to get notifications</p> <p>_...
0 598 posted 8 years ago by magestore
Ordena Array Bidimensional Asociativo de acuerdo a parametro del array.
0 453 posted 10 years ago by serialk89
Ordena cualquier array multidimensional en base a un campo específico
0 526 posted 11 years ago by n19ht
Use a shortcode [sitemap] to render a sitemap ordered by custom menu order (Wordpress 3+).
0 1028 posted 11 years ago by ablears
Custom sorting for events based on a custom field needs to be added to navigation-links.php requires plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ambrosite-nextprevious-post-link-plus/
0 527 posted 11 years ago by hussong
Orders a multi-dimensional field (such as sorting multiple $orders by field 'id')
0 539 posted 12 years ago by jmiller
Put this before the loop in archive.php to have posts in the archive for category '26' sorted by custom field 'date'. Assign sortable values like '090501' or '2009-05-01' to those fields when editing posts and your Upcoming Events will be sorted by...
8 1119 posted 13 years ago by hussong
Quick little snippet for changing the ordering of a field in a MYSQL database.
1 617 posted 14 years ago by Zync
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