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To correct the shift that happens on hover when the weight of the link is normal, but bold on hover.
0 626 posted 9 years ago by stephcode
Cross-browser roll link effect in CSS3. Works in IE 10+, Webkit (Chrome/Safari/etc), Opera, Gecko (Firefox/Seamonkey/etc). Degrades nicely for unsupported browsers.
0 558 posted 10 years ago by bmayzure
A simple CSS3 link-color transition effect. Fades from the base color to the active/focus color and back on rollover. A nice little added effect that's pretty well cross browser. Works with Webkit (Chrome/Safari/etc), Opera, Gecko (Firefox/Seamonkey/...
1 617 posted 10 years ago by bmayzure
show favicon with css
1 562 posted 10 years ago by jntu_gnec
On screen: Click here to see the pics! On print: Click here [link: http://www.shabada.boh] to see the pics!
0 458 posted 11 years ago by claudiowebdesign
Action do form com onClick, porque o clickmap do catalyst não identifica input e não contabiliza clique
0 325 posted 12 years ago by mnezes
This will remove dotted outline from focused or active links.
0 405 posted 12 years ago by blueocto
0 391 posted 12 years ago by ichnoweb
Use this little bit of CSS to get rid of the active link dotted border in Firefox. A must have when doing the text-indent:-9000px; image replacement technique on links.
0 606 posted 13 years ago by toddaeverett
Summarised snippet of Natbat's article: http://natbat.net/2009/Jun/10/styling-buttons-as-links/ Any link that that initiates an action, rather than just changing a page should semantically be a form with a submit button not a l ink. However you ca...
3 810 posted 13 years ago by PeteW
Doesn't work in IE6, so use this to enhance sites rather than use thenm for required information. Very handy for adding a PDF icon behind a link. Make icons very small (16px x 16px) and with transparent space on left and top to make it look more al...
4 424 posted 13 years ago by carriegates
L oVe HAte L - ove o V-isited e H-over A-ctive T E
1 444 posted 13 years ago by thesmu
1 413 posted 14 years ago by cristiana
1 464 posted 14 years ago by jessnoonyes
1 805 posted 14 years ago by Juego
0 407 posted 16 years ago by smilylion
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