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2 722 posted 12 years ago by sb_01
example I used to create a auto suggest search from that pulls from a database. The example pulls from a single db table containing categories. Using jQueryUI made this pretty painless but by default the autocomplete feature uses GET variables and...
4 629 posted 12 years ago by myke
This code will walk all elements from a given selector.
0 605 posted 13 years ago by linusx
Example of how to send a subscribe_user request using Notifo's api. Notifo lets you setup push notifications to mobiles - for any site. Put the PHP into a separate file named notifo-proxy.php
0 637 posted 13 years ago by Meander365
0 403 posted 13 years ago by metoikos
0 398 posted 13 years ago by gd6d
Place the following code in header.php before the call to wp_head(). (If you do not include the exact version number when calling libraries from Google's AJAX Libraries API, a redirect is used to pull up the most current version. While this is han...
3 705 posted 13 years ago by chrisdpratt
What it does: clears & submits exposed filters form via AJAX (if enabled, otherwise normal page refresh). This is for Views 2.x. It works with the 'remember me' option. You need to create a custom module. E.g. custom/custom.module and custom/cu...
1 1026 posted 13 years ago by morningtime
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0 416 posted 13 years ago by ksantoshp
http://code.google.com/p/jquery-jtwitter/ for examples.
2 515 posted 13 years ago by jonniespratley
I was asked to add Recaptcha' to an already existing form. I didn't want to interfere with the code so I decided to search for some sort of AJAX solution. Here's my implementation of DarkSideOfTheCarton.com. This form needs to have a form with <fo...
1 999 posted 13 years ago by chrisaiv
1 470 posted 14 years ago by michaelfox
Can also be used to load scriptaculous, or any js file in WP
2 478 posted 14 years ago by davebowker
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