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To display events from The Events Calendar Pro organized by taxonomy
0 3348 posted 1 year ago by reflectiondigital
With this snippet you will have the ability to deliver the most recent version of any file. When dealing with a browser's cache you can't be certain your viewers are getting the most recent copy. By appending a GET value (the UNIX timestamp) to, f...
0 3006 posted 2 years ago by daemondevin
It should work for domains like @something.co.uk note that regex will never really be able to match 100% of e-mail addresses without allowing some false positives
0 424 posted 3 years ago by plasticbottle
Shorthand for Ternary Operator in PHP
1 373 posted 6 years ago by ursdeep
Bei Autocomplete aus größeren Datenbanken ist es sinnvoll, die Datenbankabfrage in eine separate php-Datei zu verlegen.
0 405 posted 6 years ago by ulfinger
Configure settings for all external links on your site. Features: * Open external links in new window or tab * Add "nofollow" * Set link title * Set link icon * Set classes (for your own styling) * Set no-icon class * SEO friendly
0 360 posted 8 years ago by freelancephp
javascript image uplaod
0 1242 posted 8 years ago by laxman2021
message alert, javascript alert
0 278 posted 8 years ago by laxman2021
How to insert the less preprocessor script in WordPress Websites and Blogs
0 367 posted 8 years ago by ecksteing
This function will compress any text-based content.
1 317 posted 9 years ago by o0110o
Adds a method to the jQuery Validation plugin (http://bassistance.de/jquery-plugins/jquery-plugin-validation/) to return false if the field equals a specified string
0 579 posted 9 years ago by StevenW721
I'm facing an error when i read the JS array using a JS loop
0 355 posted 9 years ago by kaushikTD
Writing an PHP array in a javascript file with json_encode.
0 450 posted 9 years ago by Narayon
0 275 posted 9 years ago by pruntrut
Rescatamos los datos que pasamos por apprequest .
0 475 posted 10 years ago by serialk89
Rescatar data desde apprequest
0 357 posted 10 years ago by serialk89
This code should be added to the functions.php file in the theme's folder. The code will deregister the local copy of jQuery and instead include the google hosted copy. It will also register other scripts.
0 389 posted 10 years ago by jschultz76
If your page has already sent headers to the browser you cant redirect with headers('Location:' . $url); But you can use the following:
0 255 posted 10 years ago by prwhitehead
Mix EE channel tag into javascript add the following code into the config array.
0 278 posted 10 years ago by audiopleb
This is to call up Javascript alert through PHP. I hate switching between echoing Javascript while writing PHP so I wrote one in PHP.
0 346 posted 10 years ago by chopbust
cause i'm so lazy
0 269 posted 10 years ago by Savio
This is a simple bit of code that allows you to do a write once date format in a PHP style date() format and convert it to be used by datepicker jQuery UI widget. It returns the converted string.\r\n\r\nNothing fancy here, but a time saver for the f...
1 551 posted 11 years ago by roblynch
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