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From http://snipplr.com/view/41051/jscrollpane-ipadiphoneipodios-scoll-support/ here the part of code to add in jScrollPane.js for android,iphone,ipod,ipad support. Add this after :if (isScrollable) { (around line 165)
3 662 posted 13 years ago by Xeldar
Use this variation of **setPlayerPosition** in your HelloWorldScene.m file to negate the need to use **setViewpointCenter** to manually calculate the viewport to track your player. This uses the **CCFollow** function as demonstrated in ActionsTest, o...
1 568 posted 13 years ago by cell-gfx
0 435 posted 13 years ago by gilesb
Set UITableView background to a pattern
3 564 posted 13 years ago by glebd
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