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  1. FAV

    Instagram Business Profile Scraper

    To use this free scraper for instagram business profiles you need to have account at known [web scraping service](https://www.diggernaut.com/). This scraper allow you to scrape contact details from business profiles and also indicate if profile is bu...
    Other 18 views posted 2 years ago by martinson
  2. FAV

    Clear buffer cache on GNU/Linux systems

    Clear buffer cache on GNU/Linux systems
    Bash 19 views posted 3 years ago by rm1984
  3. FAV

    How to make SIP video calls in C#

    While searching on the Internet on how to make SIP video calls using C#, I recognised that there aren’t any brief and straightforward tutorial in this topic. I found multi-page articles (sorry, but some of them are full of bullsh*t) and neverending...
    C# 17 views posted 5 years ago by sacha-manji
  4. FAV

    Magento Theme Switcher Extension

    Theme Switcher is a free Magento Extension that lets store owner display different themes based upon customer's devices <p>_ Auto-switch store layout based on access devices</p> <p>_ Manage themes in back-end</p> <p>_ Support computer, mobile, tab...
    PHP 17 views posted 5 years ago by magestore
  5. FAV

    Website Decoration in Magento

    For those who want a new look for store on special occasions, Website Decoration Effect extension is a good choice to start. With this module, you can create decorative effects without slowing down your site speed. Let customers stop by, stay longer...
    PHP 8 views posted 5 years ago by magestore
  6. FAV

    Magento Featured Product Extension

    Magento Featured Products is a free extension that allows you to set and show some specific items as featured products. <p>_ Comfortably choose items to set as featured products</p> <p>_ Display featured products in slider</p>
    PHP 9 views posted 5 years ago by magestore
  7. FAV

    Magento New Order Email Extension

    This is a free Magento extension that allows notifications to be sent to administrators when there are new orders placed <p>_ Check new orders through mails without logging in</p> <p>_ Permits multiple email addresses to get notifications</p> <p>_...
    PHP 11 views posted 5 years ago by magestore
  8. FAV

    Magento Facebook Integration

    Facebook fanbox is a free Magento extension that enables you to show a box of your Facebook fanpage on your site for customers to easily click “like” and follow updates. <p>_ Customize the size of the fanbox shown in the site</p> <p>_ Set the n...
    PHP 13 views posted 5 years ago by magestore
  9. FAV

    Magento Facebook Extension

    Facebook Comment is a free Magento Extension which allows customers’ comments on your site and products’ information to be posted to customers’ Facebook Walls <p>_ Leave comments in product pages</p> <p>_ A pop-up allows directly logging-in w...
    PHP 11 views posted 5 years ago by magestore
  10. FAV

    Magento Search Extension

    Product Instant Search is a free Magento search extension that enables automatically searching right after typing a character and shows the first search result with an “add to cart” form. <p>_ Show other search results in product’s thumbnail i...
    PHP 8 views posted 5 years ago by magestore
  11. FAV

    Magento Product Questions Extension

    Product Questions is a free Magento extension which enables customers’ feedback left on product pages to be sent to mailboxes of configured recipients (admin, store-owners). <p>_ Allow sending emails to multiple recipients</p> <p>_ Manage feedbac...
    PHP 11 views posted 5 years ago by magestore
  12. FAV

    Magento Banner Slider Extension

    Magento Banner Slider grabs your customers' first attention by most eye-catching images right on your store. You can flexibly select 1 among 36 slider positions, set images, orders, effects, etc. and then easily track clicks and impressions of each b...
    PHP 7 views posted 5 years ago by magestore
  13. FAV

    Free Magento Extensions

    Free PHP tools with code snippets for Magento; 1. Banners 2. New Products Slider 3. Request for code 4. Product solds 5. Quick contact
    PHP 18 views posted 6 years ago by robocarlo
  14. FAV

    Capture Screenshots in Ruby

    Use this Gem to programmatically take screenshots of websites with this completely open source and free library. We have also provided easy to follow online tutorials and sample applications to help you set up GrabzIt as quickly as possible. First...
    Ruby saved by 2 people 20 views posted 7 years ago by Maximus1983
  15. FAV

    HTML5 CSS3 Webtemplate with Html5 drop down navigation bar

    This is a simple HTML5 CSS3 website template you can customize it according to your needs. It has a clean and modular code and css. No fancy stuff just basic elements presents like : slideshow, social icons and a navigation bar. Its cross browser com...
    HTML 34 views posted 7 years ago by flanker
  16. FAV

    PSN Card Codes Download

    A little a small amount of neatest suff sold in Playstation Mobile network? PSN Card Language is actually expect to see those aspire. In the event the needing PSN Note Constraints in which will run you totally nothing accompanied by continue reading...
    Assembler 13 views posted 7 years ago by peaceheart
  17. FAV

    Create Screenshots with JavaScript

    You will need to get an account at [GrabzIt](http://grabz.it) once you have this you need to add your [authorized domain](http://grabz.it/account/domains.aspx) this stops people using your account resources. Then get your [application key](http://...
    JavaScript 11 views posted 7 years ago by Maximus1983
  18. FAV

    PSN Card Codes Totally Free

    Must set quite a few funkiest looking suff on Playstation Cell tower network? PSN Card stoock Computer codes is get a lean body demand. In case your searching PSN Visa card Requirements that may be no stay with me the. Within a fast quite a few step...
    Fortran 10 views posted 7 years ago by kylejed2001
  19. FAV

    How to get Free PSN Codes New Release

    Our own free of cost PSN Trading card Style will need are suitable for the whole lands, not limited by Nation, Nova scotia,Asia and europe. When you finally get those unique codes definitely receive those and you need to purchase free performing work...
    ActionScript saved by 2 people 15 views posted 8 years ago by frances34
  20. FAV

    Slideshow with thumbnail gallery and zoom-effects

    Free JavaScript slideshow with thumbnail gallery, zoom-in-effect, zoom-out-effect and transparency-effect (opacity). Add as many pictures as you like. Each picture can be linked and commented. The thumbnail gallery can be displayed or hidden. True co...
    JavaScript 17 views posted 8 years ago by fabulant
  21. FAV

    Send free sms through way2sms (India)

    This python script takes the SMS message and phone number as arguments.\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\n Before you run this script, please 1) search for \\\\\\\'yourusername\\\\\\\' in this file and replace it with your way2sms.com username. 2) search for \\\...
    Python 7 views posted 9 years ago by vissu
  22. FAV

    Program Updater(vb2008)

    Variable/Parameter Discussion : msg = Do you want to display a message box if you have the current version? (true/false) currentversion = The version of the program txtdocumentaddress = The text document web address containing the most updated ve...
    VB.NET saved by 6 people 7 views posted 10 years ago by brandonio21
  23. FAV

    Simple JS Calendar

    Very easy to use JS Calendar Control with so many customization options.
    JavaScript 4 views posted 10 years ago by design2develop
  24. FAV

    Glossy Slide Menu

    Glossy slide door black menu with blue hover styled which can be used on white backgrounds
    CSS saved by 3 people 4 views posted 11 years ago by settysantu
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