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I use this little guy to get the width and height from a filename. Often when I need to show a flash swf file I don't have an easy way to tell the width and the height of the file for display. However is the file name is "some_flash_file 300x250.swf"...
0 119 posted 9 years ago by brownrl
Until recently, playing video files in a web page was notoriously complicated. The user requires a Flash or Silverlight plug-in and even the simplest HTML is a confusing mess. Few HTML5 features excite developers more than native audio and video....
1 131 posted 9 years ago by blueocto
Simple snippet to check is Flixel's flxObjects position according to a rectangle. It will return true if it's inside the rectangle, false if not. Very basic primitive box collision checking.
0 76 posted 9 years ago by godstroke
Colocar preferencialmente em uma cena dedicada, na frente de todas, com o mínimo possível de elementos.
0 122 posted 9 years ago by dessimoni
0 101 posted 9 years ago by joaobarbosa
0 108 posted 9 years ago by rumremix
You can use this code under MIT licence.
0 138 posted 9 years ago by digitalzoomstudio
This code will allow you to embed flash on websites and those sites will validate on w3c validator. Unfortunately, sloppy developers don't usually care about validation. :/
1 138 posted 9 years ago by trusktr
This snippet is used for the blog post called Arithmetic Operators in Flash and ActionScript 3.0, which can be found at http://www.brettwidmann.com/2010/10/arithmetic-operators-in-flashactionscript-3-0 which is set to publish on November 1, 2010.
0 96 posted 9 years ago by goatboy91587
Demo, info & FLA download at http://adamcoulombe.info/lab/as3/card-flip.html
4 151 posted 9 years ago by adamcoulombe
Single line to get the package path of the current class path (package)
1 120 posted 9 years ago by dyteq
More information, Demo & FLA file download at http://www.adamcoulombe.info/lab/as3/spiral-gallery.html
1 113 posted 9 years ago by adamcoulombe
demo and FLA file at http://www.adamcoulombe.info/lab/as3/screen-to-screen.html
2 112 posted 9 years ago by adamcoulombe
Well almost ;) This should really cover most any browser out there. If no HTML5 support will fall back to flash, so for this example Flowplayer is required, but any flash video would work. also FP will play many different formats not just flv.
5 109 posted 9 years ago by myke
This creates a scribble mouse trail effect. More importantly, it illustrates how you can easily use the greensock bezier plugin for TweenMax to actually draw bezier curves.
0 108 posted 9 years ago by adamcoulombe
simple way to make an orbiting effect in flash with as3
0 86 posted 9 years ago by adamcoulombe
This snippet will help create a flashSharedObject a.k.a Flash Cookie, which much better than conventional cookies since they remain through all browsers and cannot be erased by the user using traditional cookie erasing methods
3 95 posted 9 years ago by carbonr
A simple gallery to build upon.
0 93 posted 9 years ago by Kristain
This class is used to convert any WYSIWYG text to flash friendly text. Hope you people would like that.
0 98 posted 9 years ago by aamirrajpoot
This code is pretty simple but massively useful. You can select any number of elements on the stage in Flash, then run this JSFL Command and it will round their x and y values to the nearest whole number. It's very handy when you want things to be on...
1 123 posted 9 years ago by jknight42
0 83 posted 9 years ago by traeregan
1 92 posted 9 years ago by leongaban