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Copy all files and directories from src to dest.
0 761 posted 8 years ago by fedek6
0 410 posted 11 years ago by bitstream
This was more of a go at learning the basics of OOP, however I decided to document it well in case anyone had any comments. Note: It only works with single files, no directory usage.
0 386 posted 11 years ago by asdasDan
The script below connects to a MySQL database server on "localhost" using the login name "test" and password "123456" and then connects to the database "test". It then copies the table structure and data from the table "products" to a new table "prod...
4 708 posted 12 years ago by fackz
Used to copy the user avatar from Facebook to your community in this [Facebook Connect Tutorial](http://www.barattalo.it/facebook-connect-tutorial/ "Tutorial").
1 485 posted 12 years ago by ginoplusio
Easily copy a folder to a new destination.
0 457 posted 13 years ago by dmautz1
4 463 posted 13 years ago by level09
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