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This function mimics Photoshop overlay blending by accepting two RGB arrays, one which will be overlayed and one which will overlay. Opacity is optional.
0 459 posted 9 years ago by laurikar
Point the script to an image and get its dominant color.
1 816 posted 10 years ago by o0110o
Random color hex
0 528 posted 10 years ago by pruntrut
0 491 posted 11 years ago by DanielFGray
With this file you can load stylesheets and minify the code while changing colors. The stylesheets are loaded using file_get_contents and you can attach them one after another if you have multiple sheets. The colors are replaces based on a variable t...
0 508 posted 11 years ago by FatFolderDesigner
0 476 posted 11 years ago by nogre
Here you see a example to make your table background color fdifferent at last
0 584 posted 11 years ago by Darksider3
Ported to PHP from here: http://snipplr.com/view/48067/ (original: http://paulirish.com/2009/random-hex-color-code-snippets/)
2 588 posted 11 years ago by ozke
So i wanted to spit all my error_log(); and error_reporting(E_ALL); to syslog on my MacOSX and syslog would output it on a custom file.
0 716 posted 12 years ago by sadus
This is a simple way to stripe alternate rows of output or to do anything different as I process each alternate row. Typically, I set the <tr> element's class to "myEvenRow" or "myOddRow" then output the <tr> data just after the IF statement. I f...
4 492 posted 13 years ago by dizzley
Converts a given RGB colour value such as that provided by the imagecolorat() function into an html compliant colour.
1 445 posted 13 years ago by h4rrisonjames
0 589 posted 14 years ago by crishnakh
2 817 posted 15 years ago by Cory
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