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is not Code, is configuration steps for use COMPAQ DC 7900 for virtualization machines in 64 Bits
0 249 posted 8 years ago by xavieraviles
Just came across pure css3 soothing clouds, looks awesome, checkout!
0 194 posted 8 years ago by jimmy101
This file provides code hinting (auto-completion) for the WordPress API in Dreamweaver's code view. There are currently 1422 functions and keywords from the WordPress API supported! Grab the latest version from the repo: http://code.google.com/p/w...
0 304 posted 8 years ago by mindshare
Basic setup code for jQuery, linking to Google APIs for the jQuery library.
2 304 posted 8 years ago by adrianparr
This will get the 11-character YouTube video ID from any valid YouTube URL. Based on http://snipplr.com/view/57065/get-youtube-video-id/ but made more robust to handle additional URL inputs
0 344 posted 8 years ago by jmiller
This will let you execute certain scripts on the home page and other scripts on the other pages of the site.
0 154 posted 8 years ago by dburgess
ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 php array
0 154 posted 9 years ago by freezy
ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 in csv format
0 185 posted 9 years ago by freezy
Remove the info / address pop up on a google map embed code. Until last month: the iwloc parameter was responsible to GET the window opened or not the following way: It the parameter was missing by deafult the infow window was NOT opened. And...
0 280 posted 9 years ago by i-am-andy
you may not want to use the buggy apt version. just compile it yourself
0 144 posted 9 years ago by abstraktor
0 155 posted 9 years ago by drifterz28
PROBLEM: How to save Excel range into image file. VBA macro in Excel 2007. SOLUTION: Create an empty chart, paste range image into chart area, and Export as image file. Modify code to suite to your needs.
0 880 posted 9 years ago by win4me
0 122 posted 9 years ago by erraja_07
This is probably the first vertical JavaScript text ticker that sues tilted letters. Works with Internet Explorer 6x/7x/8x/9x, Firefox 3.6x, Opera 10.5x and Google Chrome 4x/5x/6x. Older Browsers show no ticker.
0 162 posted 9 years ago by fabulant
This makes use of http://www.minimalcomps.com, https://github.com/mikechambers/as3corelib and http://alivepdf.bytearray.org
2 297 posted 9 years ago by adrianparr
0 172 posted 10 years ago by iroybot
This code will allow you to embed flash on websites and those sites will validate on w3c validator. Unfortunately, sloppy developers don't usually care about validation. :/
1 228 posted 10 years ago by trusktr
Takes a Singapore Postal Code and outputs its corresponding district name
0 184 posted 10 years ago by dougunplugged
I should've wrote this function a LONGGG time ago. foreach($myArray, function($k, $v){ console.log($k + " :: " + $v); });
3 174 posted 10 years ago by mattkenefick
A simple program solving a biquadratic equation.
0 138 posted 10 years ago by dr3amerr
This is what I wanted:\r\nI had a structure like this:\r\n-Artist\r\n --Peter Miller\r\n ---Pictures\r\n ---Press\r\n ---Videos\r\n\r\nand wanted to have the sub-sub-Menu when located on the \"Peter Miller\"-Page. \r\nSo that on \"Peter...
0 124 posted 10 years ago by zartgesotten
just drop on a page and boom syntax is all colorfull and pretty
0 180 posted 10 years ago by cartercole