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Generate numbered classes and apply variable mixins. Base from [http://blog.thehippo.de/2012/04/programming/do-a-loop-with-less-css/](http://blog.thehippo.de/2012/04/programming/do-a-loop-with-less-css/)
0 530 posted 9 years ago by BuschFunker
Es ist auch möglich, ausschließlich Elemente zu selektieren, die mehrere Klassennamen aufweisen. Notieren Sie in diesem Fall beide Klassenselektoren direkt hintereinander.
0 506 posted 11 years ago by simondiercks
A LESS class which can be included to easily allow for a page-curl/shadow on element. *NOTE: Still needs work to allow for consistency at various sizes...* **Usage Instructions** * To remove reliance on javascript, setup the LESS compiler:...
6 513 posted 11 years ago by bdiddymc
0 467 posted 12 years ago by jli
- opacity: 0.5; Funktioniert in den neuesten Versionen von Firefox, Safari und Opera - filter:alpha(opacity=50); für den Internet Explorer. -moz-opacity:0.5; für ältere Versionen der Mozilla Browser wie beispielsweise Netscape Navigator, Mozilla...
2 423 posted 13 years ago by skrippendorf
From this article, Martin "mpot" Pot mention: " The above CSS definition is defining a style called noprint, and will only be applied to printed content. Setting the display property to none means any content using this CSS style will not be displ...
0 685 posted 13 years ago by HubertGaulin
0 391 posted 16 years ago by smilylion
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