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jQuery Validate is used in ASP.Net MVC 4. As it is checking only en-US as a default you may have problems with different cultures for decimal inputs and dates (I had to try for minutes to find a accepted date format. I don't want to see how my custom...
0 630 posted 10 years ago by SnipplrSlush
This can be put into a utility class in your ASP.NET project and put onto the page with ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(). The script alters the ASP.NET __VIEWSTATE value which somehow validates requests; if you leave it out the popup wont work.
0 463 posted 11 years ago by Krummelz
Passing values between ASP.NET and JavaScript code is messy...
0 497 posted 13 years ago by streamt
Many times we face situation like when we need to access the code behind variables from javascript as well as accessing javascript variable from code behind. I can remember a practical scenario in my previous project. The requirement was to dra...
0 631 posted 13 years ago by streamt
A simple, non-recursive function that I use to return the first element with an ID that contains a certain ID string. Sometimes, APS.NET appends the Naming Container ID to the IDs of controls, and in instances where the ClientID of a control you wa...
0 347 posted 13 years ago by erintechspired
If you wish to set an ASyncPostBackTrigger in ScriptManager for AJAX.NET, using ASyncPostBackTrigger="xxx" causes Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. to timeout on partial page postback, using this javascript to set the ASyncPostBackTrigger (instead of the...
0 612 posted 13 years ago by cardiffblogger
Load this Javascript after the MS AJAX files have been loaded. In the example I am using jQuery to call the patchMicrosoftAjax() method, but you can use any method you desire.
0 984 posted 13 years ago by jink
Page_ClientValidate is a global function. When called this will return true/false if the validator group provided is valid or not.
0 515 posted 14 years ago by jink
This is to prevent a form from being inadvertently submitted.
0 509 posted 15 years ago by ecavazos
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