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1 96 posted 11 years ago by nighthawk
Just a quick command-line utility to check inflation values from US statistics office.
1 102 posted 13 years ago by jarjar2k7
This replaces the PHP-based function in the HTML bundle. You need to add two files to your bundle's Support/lib folder (create the directories if they're not present): http://dev.rubyonrails.org/browser/trunk/actionpack/lib/action_controller/vend...
6 127 posted 13 years ago by gtcaz
Alternative bundle command for e (http://www.e-texteditor.com) or TextMate. Replace YOUR_API_KEY_HERE with a valid API key -- you can find it on your Settings page (http://snipplr.com/settings/). Changed the command to allow selection of langua...
10 104 posted 13 years ago by gtcaz
This command allows you to browse your snippet collection on Snipplr and retrieve them into e. Requires the installation of the wxCocoaDialog exe in the /Support/bin subdirectory. Replace YOUR_API_KEY_HERE with the API key -- you can find it on y...
6 92 posted 13 years ago by gtcaz
Requires aspell and wxCocoaDialog. Now checks all of your selection for misspellings. Known issues: * e doesn't see contractions as a "word", so you must select things like can't, won't, etc. or the command won't see the whole word. * Dupl...
2 79 posted 13 years ago by gtcaz
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