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Esto suele ocurrer muy amenudo cuando instalamos Ruby on Rails antes que MySQL. Es un error "Library not loaded: libmysqlclient.18.dylib (LoadError)" donde lista los directorios donde busca y no lo encuentra. La solución es guiarle para que lo encue...
0 111 posted 8 years ago by skozz
requires Rails libraries. could be rewritten to just use core Ruby libs, but I'm too lazy right now and I use this entirely in my Rails apps.
0 67 posted 10 years ago by mepatterson
This could be further abstracted to work with other db's. Also, it really should be using Ruby's Tempfile class instead of assuming the local machine is *NIX based, but it works :)
0 70 posted 10 years ago by nate63179
0 65 posted 11 years ago by oli
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