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"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." --Mahatma Gandhi
1 107 posted 9 years ago by ksaver
In order to pull data out of Twitter using Flex, I need a proxy script. Here's how I did it using Python and Google App Engine
0 69 posted 10 years ago by chrisaiv
e.g. <pre><code> $ twlogmerge.py twitter-log-user-dir read file: twitter-log-user-dir/page001.xml get status: id: 123456789 append status: accum.:1234 ... append status: accum.:3456 write file: twitter-log-user-dir-marged-20090828-130146.xml...
0 66 posted 10 years ago by mustam
e.g. <pre> $ twlog.py user twitter account name: user Now logging start, take several times. r u OK? [y/N]: y DEBUG: make dir: twitter-log-user DEBUG: get log: page=1 DEBUG: new tweet: 21, accum. tweet: 21 DEBUG: remain hits: 149 DEBUG: writ...
1 50 posted 10 years ago by mustam
inspired by http://snipplr.com/view/6594/post-to-twitter-from-the-shell/ . I just rewrote it in Python because I didn't want to install a Ruby interpreter :) use `chmod +x tweet.py` to run it as `./tweet.py` instead of `python tweet.py`
1 77 posted 11 years ago by nate_smith
Python make url address to Tinyurl in article content like Twitter message
1 91 posted 11 years ago by huacnlee
going to use twitterlocal to play around a bit with pygooglechart.
0 45 posted 12 years ago by mandric
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