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Utiliza os dados do site: http://www.portaltransparencia.gov.br/downloads/servidores.asp Escolha um mês e ano, baixe o .zip, descompacte e na pasta descompactada, execute.
0 104 posted 5 years ago by torresbernardo
These logging functions will be improved and added into the SocketServer_Server.py to log information from programs on machines on the same network, but not directly connected to each other.
0 96 posted 6 years ago by JordanRowles
Client code for sending information to the logging server.
0 81 posted 6 years ago by JordanRowles
A server that receives information from programs (Name, DateTime, LogType, Data) and writes it to a file with the syntax: LogFile_{program_name}_{ISO-Date}.log
0 68 posted 6 years ago by JordanRowles
Shows usage of the Python filter() function
0 96 posted 8 years ago by andrewjsledge
1 63 posted 9 years ago by a1ananth
going to use twitterlocal to play around a bit with pygooglechart.
0 48 posted 12 years ago by mandric
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