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If you want to enable GII in your live server in YII you can do by following small steps.
0 80 posted 5 years ago by adesara_jaydeep
Prints all $_Server variables to table
0 92 posted 6 years ago by kidmizere
*Example:* if (!isRewriteMod()) exit('Please install Apache mod_rewrite module.');
0 96 posted 6 years ago by phpdev
Easy PHP script for uploading and unpacking zip files to the server much faster Steps to follow: 1. create folder on the webserver called "zipper" or something else 2. copy the following PHP code into a file called "zipper.php" into this folde...
2 632 posted 7 years ago by jvandemerwe
Get Current URL Path on Apache / IIS
2 140 posted 7 years ago by rickygri
Get the absolute webroot URL.
1 99 posted 7 years ago by o0110o
This PHP code is made to help people using the ActionScript 3 AlivePDF library to save PDF files from a Flash app to a server. ActionScript 3 AlivePDF save code: _pdf.save(Method.REMOTE, "save.php", Download.ATTACHMENT, "MyFile.pdf");
0 104 posted 8 years ago by vamapaull
Serverside script for a personal DynDNS service. Works together with a clientside script written in ruby [ http://snipplr.com/view/55484/own-dyndns-service-clientside-script/ ] . Redirect to current saved IP(http, port 80): http://dynDns.yourver...
0 79 posted 9 years ago by madc
0 58 posted 9 years ago by jcquintero
Tiny script to write a daily logfile with the serverload. Can be run every X minutes using a cron for example. Result in logfile: 13.40 | 2.45 2.45 2.43 13.45 | 1.62 2.02 2.25
0 71 posted 9 years ago by remko
AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .php .htm ... worked for me (directory: xampp/apache/conf)
0 78 posted 9 years ago by stephcode
0 57 posted 9 years ago by metoikos
0 73 posted 9 years ago by batfan
1 66 posted 9 years ago by yeremiloli
0 76 posted 10 years ago by metoikos
Hello Php Coders, Here's a useful php code block for your projects to control server status. Use this code blokc to report a server status result. I hope you'll like it. Also; i suggest you to rest for a while on [2 KiÅŸilik Oyunlar](http://...
2 107 posted 10 years ago by jackoder
Many scripts rely on `$_SERVER[SCRIPT_URL]` which is sometimes missing. This function detects it from other server variables and fixes the missing field.
1 83 posted 10 years ago by drwitt
Here's a pretty comprehensive list of Server variables I use.
1 104 posted 10 years ago by chrisaiv
Returns only the directory path to the current file — no host or filename, just URI directory structure.
1 70 posted 10 years ago by radarseven
How to replace sleep(2), for your PHP code. Ideal testing hosting/dns ping.
1 96 posted 10 years ago by nicolaspar
A basic PHP script that I simply FTP to the server and use to evaluate extensions on the server. I simply supply the extensions I require and the script does the rest of the work.
1 70 posted 11 years ago by fackz
0 38 posted 11 years ago by fredaudet
0 78 posted 12 years ago by iTony
1 73 posted 13 years ago by llbbl
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