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You have a schedule table (period, day, subject, room) with a primary key period,day to avoid duplicate bookings. You wish to display the schedule as periods, subjects and rooms in rows, and days of the week in columns.
0 74 posted 7 years ago by cahyadsn
Most popular languages on the web table (in order of popularity). Handy for auto complete fields and such.
0 169 posted 8 years ago by Synnoid
Can add columns to a table checking before if there
0 101 posted 9 years ago by jatubio
the following code can be used to create a table with a dynamic name
0 87 posted 9 years ago by gtaking
0 97 posted 9 years ago by Jamie
How to add an auto-incremented column to an existing table without ex- and reimporting.
0 125 posted 10 years ago by simondiercks
General MySQL engine related commands
0 65 posted 10 years ago by sukantahazra
0 141 posted 10 years ago by CuDDL
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