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  1. FAV

    MySQL Data Pull to Localhost

    <h1>What it does</h1> <p>This snippet is used to pull data from one server to another. I primarily use it to get the latest data from our production to our development environments. The first part of the command is where the data is pulling from a...
    MySQL saved by 2 people 11 views posted 8 years ago by nedf23
  2. FAV

    Create new table from a selection from another existing table (including copying data structure)

    This is ideal for testing queries etc. Run this to copy a selection of data into a new table with the same scructure. Then you can run test queries etc on it. Once you are happy then run the queries on the live data table...enjoy
    MySQL 7 views posted 9 years ago by sjacunningham
  3. FAV

    Date formatting with LOAD DATA INFILE

    Came across this nice snippet @ mysql.com
    MySQL saved by 6 people 8 views posted 10 years ago by j4kp07
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