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Updated code (December, 2012) to get a tweet from a user's twitter timeline using JSON and jQuery
3 147 posted 9 years ago by eddequincey
As of my ongoing preparation for the 1K tweet :) I was interested to see the 1000th tweet from some friends timeline. And when I didn't find an existing method, I thought I could write few jQuery lines to solve this..
1 85 posted 9 years ago by mikemore
This is a two file video player. I use JSON to get the list of videos from a user, then when a thumbnail is clicked, an AJAX request is sent with the id of the video, and an oEmbed response is sent back.
4 56 posted 9 years ago by mloberg
usage; $.toJSON($(\'form\').serializeObject());
3 83 posted 9 years ago by virgil
Don't know if the code is working, it's written from memory, but I think it will work....
1 61 posted 10 years ago by sbglasius
3 58 posted 10 years ago by bitmanic
Find out how to retrieve a count of the total times users have bookmarked your web site or web page on Delicious by using JQuery and JSON. The code is pretty simple and can be done in under 18 lines of code.
1 123 posted 11 years ago by neal_grosskopf
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