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  1. FAV Set Default Value for Select (dropdown) Lists Using value attribute

    For some reason setting a default value for select elements does not work. This one line of jquery solves that problem. Assign a value (value="something") to the select tag that is to be the default value. With jquery get all select elements with a...
    jQuery dropdown
    posted 7 years ago by halk
  2. FAV custom jquery selectbox dropdown

    Simple solution found via link. Just edit code from demo page(s). Also http://uniformjs.com/
    jQuery dropdown ie jquery style
    posted 7 years ago by rumremix
  3. FAV PHP/ Jquery Dropdown Select

    Set a variable by getting the URLs id with PHP. Find the the option with the name value that is equal with the variable and add "selected" to it.
    jQuery dropdown jquery php
    posted 7 years ago by LadyLoomis
  4. FAV Get value of selected option in Drop Down

    This snippet gets the value of the selected dropdown
    jQuery dropdown jquery
    posted 8 years ago by jjmu15
  5. FAV jQuery fancy select dropdown menu

    The option elements in the original select may provide an image and a second line of text by using a data-img and a data-info attribute.
    jQuery dropdown jquery replace saved by 21 people
    posted 9 years ago by peckham
  6. FAV Joomla Menu Dropdowns

    jQuery to make Joomla-format menu dropdowns appear on hover. Change "#mainnav" to menu container selector.
    jQuery dropdown joomla jquery saved by 3 people
    posted 9 years ago by cviolette
  7. FAV Custom Dropdown

    Custom dropdown field, replace defaut dropdown style with custom design. This function does not replace the select field.
    jQuery dropdown form jquery saved by 3 people
    posted 9 years ago by touffies
  8. FAV jQuery - Dropdownify

    So recently I was asked to change a navigation style of an existing site to drop-down menus. Simple, I thought, just use one of the many existing drop-down plugins. I tried many, but most seemed to use hardcoded styles and I had a few problems (so...
    jQuery dropdown javascript jquery
    posted 9 years ago by dom111
  9. FAV Sort Options in a Select Box

    Incredibly useful. Great when you need to remove and add options to selectboxes.
    jQuery dropdown jquery sort
    posted 9 years ago by Meander365
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