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    How to read an xml file with jquery/javascript

    JavaScript 9 views posted 8 years ago by alexscript
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    Función loadXmlReports

    Descripción: Accede a un archivo xml con los parámetros del formulario. Recibe: El tipo de mensaje de error, el idioma y la ruta del archivo xml. Devuelve: True si el formulario valida completo y debe enviarse y false si no.
    JavaScript 2 views posted 8 years ago by alberomo
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    Make a link in google map kml file open in the same window

    Add this to the javascript that builds the map
    JavaScript 6 views posted 9 years ago by petterdr
  4. FAV

    Loading XML Using Raw Javascript

    JavaScript 6 views posted 10 years ago by alvincrespo
  5. FAV

    javascript xslt transformation

    JavaScript saved by 2 people 4 views posted 10 years ago by manatlan
  6. FAV

    Ajax Parsing XML Data

    This function allows you to parse a simple XML document(passed to it using this.href on a onclick event). Virtually the same as JSON, the things that have been changed ate labeled !Important.
    JavaScript saved by 12 people 7 views posted 12 years ago by 1man
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    Javascript - Rollover con preview immagine

    JavaScript saved by 9 people 2 views posted 13 years ago by whitetiger
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    Editar con AJAX

    JavaScript saved by 3 people 3 views posted 13 years ago by danideu
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