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0 86 posted 8 years ago by paul0078
If you a flick a web app past the bottom or top of the page, the page itself gets elastically tugged away from the URL bar or the button bar (or the bottom/top of the screen if it's in full-screen mode). This behavior is another giveaway that your...
0 86 posted 8 years ago by timothypwalter
"Those who create responsive design for iPhone may be aware of the viewport scaling bug in iPhone Safari. The bug occurs when you set the viewport width to device-width and rotate the phone to landscape view."
1 64 posted 8 years ago by ichnoweb
A tiny snippet on how to easily detect iPad/iPhone/iPod using javascript.
1 66 posted 9 years ago by parkarlsson
Also selects different sized header images for better image quality.
1 59 posted 9 years ago by HelloKit
understanding if the iphone is in landscape or portrait mode
1 39 posted 9 years ago by Mosaic
compress with handbreak, replace div
0 50 posted 10 years ago by peterbelsky
Appcelerator Titanium Mobile is a framework + IDE designed to help you build iPhone applications using only HTML and Javascript. This example shows how to make a simple Ajax request
1 87 posted 10 years ago by chrisaiv
Let's say, perhaps, that you are already forwarding your web traffic through an SSH/SOCKS tunnel at work (for privacy reasons that have absolutely no relation to accessing blocked sites LOL!) and you would like to use that same tunnel on your iPhone/...
1 899 posted 11 years ago by shaunchapman
Switches body class between .portrait and .landscape for, you guessed it, portrait and landscape mode on the iphone.
2 112 posted 11 years ago by ira
0 31 posted 11 years ago by IJajan
Borrowed from Ajaxian, url is above.
0 72 posted 11 years ago by mikegreen
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