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// create a variable to toggle debugging // to use it, just call debug(with,any,optional,parameters) debug(x,y,z); // it will try to guess what type of message to log, or you can specify in the first parameter debug("error",x,y,z);
1 112 posted 4 years ago by brandonjp
In javascript there is no function for printing variables like you have PHP, I use print_r and var_dump a lot in PHP for dumping variables so I wanted to create a simular function in javascript.
0 97 posted 8 years ago by satie83
Use to debug javascript in all browsers.
0 47 posted 10 years ago by Meander365
0 48 posted 10 years ago by aadsm
Just include this script on the site and you’ll get a Firebug console that pops up for debugging in any browser. Not quite as full featured but it’s still pretty helpful! Remember to remove it when you are done.
1 62 posted 10 years ago by paulgrenwood
Javascript time execution utility: Use: var otd = new timeDebugger(); otd.start(); alert(otd.end());
1 66 posted 10 years ago by marcocs
Simple list of commands to use within Adobe AIR to help debug an application.
0 56 posted 11 years ago by 1man
prevent errors in other browsers
0 97 posted 12 years ago by localhorst
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