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delete Operator don’t impact the length of Array in JavaScript
1 306 posted 6 years ago by ursdeep
This is probably the first vertical JavaScript text ticker that sues tilted letters. Works with Internet Explorer 6x/7x/8x/9x, Firefox 3.6x, Opera 10.5x and Google Chrome 4x/5x/6x. Older Browsers show no ticker.
0 229 posted 10 years ago by fabulant
I should've wrote this function a LONGGG time ago. foreach($myArray, function($k, $v){ console.log($k + " :: " + $v); });
3 232 posted 10 years ago by mattkenefick
0 314 posted 11 years ago by Jamie
send in an event it returns the key that you pressed if it was alphanumeric or backspace otherwise it returns "-1" use with getKeyCode and isAlphaNumeric
0 180 posted 12 years ago by jlvallelonga
to use this function send in an ASCII character code (use my getKeyCode function) it will return true if the code corresponds to a printable character (not backspace code - 8, enter code - 13, or "undefined")
0 163 posted 12 years ago by jlvallelonga
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