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  1. FAV

    Mid America Parts Description Table

    table with image on one side, products info on the other. includes some CSS from Tablizer that has been modified.
    HTML 3 views posted 7 years ago by dcoxdesigns
  2. FAV

    HTML Table Template

    Valid HTML table template with example data.
    HTML 7 views posted 8 years ago by mecha
  3. FAV

    Buggy CSS for an HTML table (example)

    A code snippet for review by StackOverflow.com members. I would appreciate any help that'll aid me in fixing the bugs in the table (they are described in the StackOverflow question at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5321646/buggy-css-for-an-html-...
    HTML 1 views posted 8 years ago by sahwar
  4. FAV

    Price table markup

    Price table sample markup UPDATE 1: with CSS styles
    HTML 2 views posted 10 years ago by dreadwarrior
  5. FAV

    Fixed Table Header Sample HTML

    This is a sample HTML layout to show best layout when using [Scrollable Table with Frozen Headers Sample](http://snipplr.com/view/20316/fixed-table-header/) *** [Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported](http://creative...
    HTML saved by 4 people 2 views posted 10 years ago by jsatt
  6. FAV

    Tableless forms

    HTML saved by 8 people 9 views posted 11 years ago by fredaudet
  7. FAV

    Accessible table

    HTML 2 views posted 12 years ago by natalie
  8. FAV

    table with hor and vert headers and caption

    HTML 5 views posted 13 years ago by designerd
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