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Place this in your <head> section, and set the href attribute to an image to a 57px x 57px PNG file.
0 310 posted 6 years ago by ajarkovsky
iOS Meta-Tag um das skalieren des Contents zu sperren!
0 222 posted 8 years ago by dejot
HTML Snippet for apple-touch-icon for all of the different iOS devices, and Android 2.0 supported Icon.
0 313 posted 9 years ago by luizlopes
Create custom web clip icons or "app logos" in various sizes to be displayed (instead of the default site snapshot) when users save your site to their Home screens. Across Safari iOS devices. Add in the <head> in the same place you call your norm...
0 252 posted 9 years ago by beneberle
1 284 posted 10 years ago by Ashung
0 185 posted 10 years ago by gilesb
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