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Remember to change flashvars (src, poster) and the size of the player in swfobject.embedSWF parameters (428, 240)
0 82 posted 8 years ago by carlskov
Hey guys, I struggled a little to find a crossbrowser, non repetitive params way to embed swfs; this object embed works flawlessly for me in all browsers - ie7, ie8, safari, chrome, firefox. Why is swfobject and YouTube using this format - http://cod...
0 112 posted 8 years ago by digitalzoomstudio
Until recently, playing video files in a web page was notoriously complicated. The user requires a Flash or Silverlight plug-in and even the simplest HTML is a confusing mess. Few HTML5 features excite developers more than native audio and video....
1 113 posted 9 years ago by blueocto
0 88 posted 9 years ago by joaobarbosa
This code will allow you to embed flash on websites and those sites will validate on w3c validator. Unfortunately, sloppy developers don't usually care about validation. :/
1 110 posted 9 years ago by trusktr
Well almost ;) This should really cover most any browser out there. If no HTML5 support will fall back to flash, so for this example Flowplayer is required, but any flash video would work. also FP will play many different formats not just flv.
5 91 posted 9 years ago by myke
Embed tag doesn\'t validate. Quick solution.
0 89 posted 9 years ago by resting
0 68 posted 9 years ago by crs
[via rtcrm] This uses *no javascript* and will still render in IE, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.
0 66 posted 10 years ago by mennyj
[via rtcrm] <b>Needed:</b><br> - Video in FLV format.<br> - video_player.swf (standard player, which resizes for any flv).<br><br> <b>Notes:</b><br> - SWF and FLV files can live anywhere.<br> - Location of FLV is relative to the location of v...
0 89 posted 10 years ago by mennyj
For cross-browser code--which is not necessarily valid--the [Embedded Media HTML Generator](http://cit.ucsf.edu/embedmedia/step1.php) provides a great starting point.
1 117 posted 10 years ago by wizard04
0 58 posted 11 years ago by rwczippy
0 78 posted 12 years ago by kathsuzhall
Flash sucks, embedding it sucks more, find out how to make it not suck.
2 112 posted 12 years ago by neal_grosskopf
1 71 posted 12 years ago by AgentPhoenix
1 61 posted 12 years ago by wintondeshong
FirefoxはHTML4.0以外のDOCTYPE宣言つけると100%表示のFlashが一部しか表示されないバグがあるそう。 参考サイト http://uu-uu.com/blog/2006/10/flash_100another_htmllint.html
2 78 posted 13 years ago by kyokutyo
6 138 posted 13 years ago by yuconner
Embed an mp3 in your website using Odeo's flash player
2 139 posted 13 years ago by sondosia
Para evitar problemas con IE. Hace referencia a un script que pongo en la parte de .js
0 101 posted 13 years ago by kanirasta
Great little flash player for playing FLV files. Code below simply adds them to your web page. Remember to add 20 pixels to the height="" attribute to allow for the player controler. For the player goto: http://www.jeroenwijering.com/?item=Flash_Vid...
39 948 posted 14 years ago by 1man
1 95 posted 2020 years ago by jhenry
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