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  1. FAV

    Button With Line Breaks in HTML

    To get button with line breaks you can use carriage return characters to break the line: &#x00A; or just <br> with a <button> tag:
    HTML 15 views posted 6 years ago by apphp-snippets
  2. FAV

    Even Better facebook like that doesn't break at all!!!

    I altered it a bit to be just the like button and no mas!
    HTML 13 views posted 7 years ago by jkdreaming
  3. FAV

    IE7 button value

    IE7 can be a pain when it comes to input submit buttons. In order to get the value to disappear using the text-indent: -999em; trick make sure to set text-transform: capitalize;
    HTML 2 views posted 8 years ago by inreflection7
  4. FAV

    Refresh button for IE

    HTML 2 views posted 8 years ago by cupakob
  5. FAV

    Quitar contorno de puntos de Firefox en los botones

    HTML 7 views posted 9 years ago by enpis
  6. FAV

    Like Button on Wordpress: Additional Header code

    If you are using Simple Facebook Connect Wordpress plugin, it is better to add this code after changing the og:image value or deleting it. Using this code in your Wordpress Theme header will result in having more meaningful information shown in Faceb...
    HTML 4 views posted 9 years ago by ala7lam
  7. FAV

    Customized buttons - rounded corners

    HTML code for input buttons with background images and rounded corners. For cases when it is not possible to use Progressive Enhancement (ie. when you need to have rounded corners in IE6+). See Customized buttons under CSS for styles.
    HTML 3 views posted 9 years ago by jofan
  8. FAV

    Button link for contact form

    HTML 6 views posted 10 years ago by donatkinson
  9. FAV

    Form with a link instead of a button

    How to style a submit button so it looks like text
    HTML saved by 8 people 8 views posted 11 years ago by Wardy
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