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  1. FAV

    Recursive delete current directory

    Safe way to recursive delete directory
    Groovy 7 views posted 7 years ago by alces
  2. FAV

    Sequencial folder creation

    Groovy 5 views posted 9 years ago by ragnarokkrr
  3. FAV

    Compresses all the files in some directory recursively (zip); solves diacritics problems

    Removes diacritics from file name before adding it to the archive. Archive file name retains diacritics.
    Groovy 14 views posted 11 years ago by karelklic
  4. FAV

    Delete non-zip files in a directory recursively

    Very basic but I use various variations all the time.
    Groovy 13 views posted 11 years ago by karelklic
  5. FAV

    Deleting all files and subdirectories

    This (almost) one-liner cascades into all subdirectories and deletes the files first, then the directories. Makes deleting a directory really easy. This was originally posted by John Wilson into the Groovy user list.
    Groovy saved by 4 people 6 views posted 13 years ago by hansamann
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