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  1. FAV

    CSS: Media Query

    This is code you put in a CSS file. It queries the size of the screen using the parameters passed in. If its true, it then applies the CSS
    CSS 6 views posted 4 years ago by heathbo
  2. FAV

    Sample Media Query in html Header

    Unlike linked style sheets, it is necessary to enclose CSS in Headers in a "style type". This example media query is for screens under 1024 (tablets and phones) to make sure the images do not extend beyond the layout.
    CSS 9 views posted 5 years ago by jefferis
  3. FAV

    fast and easy way of parsing query strings in JavaScript

    Now make a request to page.html?x=Hello: console.log(getQueryVariable('x'));
    CSS 8 views posted 5 years ago by buda9
  4. FAV

    Media Queries (for Responsive Web Design)

    A couple of useful media queries...
    CSS saved by 2 people 17 views posted 6 years ago by iroybot
  5. FAV

    CSS: Retina display media query

    I needed a quick way to target high-resolution graphics. Here was my final solution
    CSS 9 views posted 7 years ago by chrisaiv
  6. FAV

    Theme media queries

    Our theme's range of media queries
    CSS 13 views posted 7 years ago by vanseijen
  7. FAV

    QNX Media Query

    CSS 1 views posted 8 years ago by tpryan
  8. FAV

    Media Query Example

    CSS 1 views posted 8 years ago by tpryan
  9. FAV

    Force server to load latest CSS file

    This is sometimes not the best solution to a server caching your css files. But if you want to force a stubborn server to serve the most recent css file to the browser this seems to work. Could slow things down a touch, but for small css files not...
    CSS saved by 4 people 6 views posted 10 years ago by jadedbat
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