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0 19 posted 9 years ago by viatropos
As seen on PinoyTux Website
1 17 posted 9 years ago by batamire
make sure the en1 value is the interface you are using
1 23 posted 10 years ago by adkatrit
This script tries to detect whether an HTTP Proxy works or not. It uses the HEAD command (high-level version of the lwp-request command) to connect to a given URL (http://www.google.com by default) via the given HTTP Proxy. It takes 2 arguments; the...
0 24 posted 10 years ago by sensimevanidus
-nd do not create a hierarchy of directories (save all recursively retrieved files in the current directory) -r recursive retrieving -l1 set maximum recursion depth to 1 (stay in that folder): set to 2 if necessary --no-parent do not...
3 33 posted 12 years ago by iblis
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