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drush pm-list --status=enabled --pipe | grep 'uc_' | xargs -i drush pm-disable '{}' -y
0 126 posted 4 years ago by apro2000
Drupal Debugging like Dev Tools
0 95 posted 5 years ago by apro2000
Installs drupal using the provided database credentials with the provided localization, creates admin account with the given name and password
0 84 posted 7 years ago by klickreflex
0 101 posted 9 years ago by abstraktor
We can use this in a shell script (while doing a backup process, an update, ...)
1 58 posted 9 years ago by isholgueras
procedure for updating drupal core.
0 35 posted 10 years ago by MikeyLikesIt
Dumps a space separated list of enabled modules to a text file mods_enabled.txt
1 135 posted 11 years ago by zachharkey
The Drupal website will be updated every 45 minutes after the hour.
2 62 posted 11 years ago by chrisaiv
A common Drupal problem: how to save e.g. your blocks configuration without dragging an X Gig database around. A simple command that dumps a table in a way that it can be inserted into SVN. Every row is dumped as a single line, and they are sor...
1 59 posted 11 years ago by berkes
A bash script that calls Drush for all your multisite sites and returns a list of available and installed modules for each site.
2 79 posted 11 years ago by berkes
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