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Read and process the output of a command one row at a time
0 219 posted 4 years ago by rm1984
Configure program for CalAmp lmu-800 and skypatrol nitro gps avl , (works with every device who support AT Command)
0 226 posted 5 years ago by hidroxido
let commandOutput = executeCommand("/bin/echo", ["Hello, I am here!"]) println("Command output: \(commandOutput)")
0 188 posted 5 years ago by nguyenvu
An Utility to Search Text in All Files of Any Directory in PHP
1 322 posted 5 years ago by ursdeep
This scripts can be used to send email from your gmail account by authenticating. It can be modified to login to any SMTP server.
1 296 posted 5 years ago by jsinix
This batch script writes a temporary .vbs file which will invoke a UAC prompt to open an administrator command prompt. This makes it easy to create a shortcut to an admin prompt.
0 180 posted 6 years ago by deanhouseholder
This is a good way to show the difference between files side by side to quickly see what parts are not the same, if any.
0 198 posted 7 years ago by donkeykong
The Command pattern aims to encapsulate method invocation, requests or operations into a single object and gives you the ability to both parameterize and pass method calls around that can be executed at your discretion. In addition, it enables you...
0 131 posted 8 years ago by timsommer
One-line code for installing LAMP server for Ubuntu OS.
0 151 posted 8 years ago by ninacess
Useful to open an image for viewing from the command line under Windows, in this example the image is generated by the GraphViz dot command.
0 431 posted 9 years ago by m1b
If you want to use PHP as a command line program, this code can serve s a reference to read the arguments passed to the program.
0 145 posted 9 years ago by tcam27
Command to transfer files between servers using the command line.
0 165 posted 9 years ago by frigga
0 126 posted 9 years ago by jeremydouglass
A couple of snippets useful for file management. I use these to make sure I understand how many files I'm about to modify, and then rename them.
0 147 posted 9 years ago by alassiter
A very simple quick way to count the number of files in a directory.
0 171 posted 9 years ago by alassiter
0 135 posted 10 years ago by tofman
input: -width 123 -height 234 -minimized -visible output map: {"-width":"123", "-height":"234", "-minimized":null, "-visible":null}
0 150 posted 10 years ago by tactoth
2 1176 posted 10 years ago by iTony
Originally found on [Corey Goldberg's blog](http://coreygoldberg.blogspot.com/2010/01/python-command-line-progress-bar-with.html)
0 120 posted 10 years ago by codeshaman
0 151 posted 10 years ago by wearetherock
This command will email the contents of emailbody.txt to [email protected] with the subject My subject line.
0 206 posted 10 years ago by webonomic
0 116 posted 11 years ago by tobewan
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