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Style Buttons,

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Style buttons in Drupal. The images/button-bg.jpg (or png: better) should be a tile of 2x26. It can contain a nice gradient to represent the embossed look of buttons.

NOTE: applying CSS to change the look of widgets is considered bad usability; people are used to buttons of their OS, and not used to your (weird) idea of buttons.

  1. input.form-submit {
  2. background:#BC6008 url(images/button-bg.jpg) repeat-x scroll left top;
  3. border:1px solid #525269;
  4. color:#FFFFFF;
  5. font-size:11px;
  6. font-weight:bold;
  7. padding:5px;
  8. }

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Posted By: lulu_css on September 15, 2010

Needed HTML explanation

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