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EnjoyHint 3.0 To Add Free Hints and Tips To Site Or App

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The new updated introduced auto scrolling to highlighted elements, possibility to hide 'next' and 'skip' buttons, add html markup in description, and more.

  1. Initialization and configuration:
  3. //initialize instance
  4. var enjoyhint_instance = new EnjoyHint({});
  6. //simple config.
  7. //Only one step - highlighting(with description) "New" button
  8. //hide EnjoyHint after a click on the button.
  9. var enjoyhint_script_steps = [
  10. {
  11. 'click .new_btn' : 'Click the "New" button to start creating your project'
  12. }
  13. ];
  15. //set script config
  16. enjoyhint_instance.set(enjoyhint_script_steps);
  18. //run Enjoyhint script

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Posted By: stelvinan on December 21, 2017

Enjoy Hits 3.0 is pretty cool. I just loved it. You can get the free version of app from App Even store. Get it from this link.

Posted By: anke909 on December 24, 2018

This is really amazing for me. Now its really look like me very good to understand about the all codes and varioys type of the codining windows split screen which used in the programming language. This type of the many program I get only with amazing portal.

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