How to capture frames from a camera in C#

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If you wish to make your home, office or warehouse more secure, taking frame captures can be a very useful solution for you. And I can tell you this because I’ve already implemented this function at my office. Now I am sharing the prewritten source code with you for such a solution.

What will you need for this function?

• A Visual C# WPF Application created in Visual Studio
• The VoIPSDK.dll added to the references. (It can be found on the website where I found the code:

The first part of the code under MainForm.cs is the code for the frame capturing program itself. It contains all the details you need to implement this function. Later, under MainForm.Designer.cs you’ll find the source code for the GUI of this program. The code will help you to develop a user interface that will make it easy to use the program.

Good luck with implementing the code!


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