Programmatically Register Client-Side JavaScript

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Gets a ClientScriptManager reference from the Page class. If the client script is not already registered on the page, builds and registers a script. Useful for building a script dynamically and ensuring that it gets registered during the correct stage of the page life cycle.

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  1. Private Sub RegisterJavascript()
  2. ' Define the name and type of the client scripts on the page.
  3. Dim ClientScriptName As String = "LinkClick"
  4. Dim PageType As Type = Me.GetType()
  6. ' Get a ClientScriptManager reference from the Page class.
  7. Dim csm As ClientScriptManager = Page.ClientScript
  9. ' Check to see if the client script is already registered.
  10. If (Not csm.IsClientScriptBlockRegistered(PageType, ClientScriptName)) Then
  11. Dim ClientScriptText As New StringBuilder()
  12. ClientScriptText.AppendLine("function ToAccountDetails(un) {")
  13. ClientScriptText.AppendLine(" document.getElementById(""UserName"").value = un;")
  14. ClientScriptText.AppendLine(" document.getElementById(""frmToAccountDetails"").submit();")
  15. ClientScriptText.AppendLine("}")
  17. csm.RegisterClientScriptBlock(PageType, ClientScriptName, ClientScriptText.ToString(), True)
  18. End If
  20. End Sub

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