A windows batch to run Mysql client

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**Vars** to to specify

+ ${EnvSet_Bash}


vars specified like

+ ${EnvSet_Bash}=[set-mysqlRT-Env](http://www.snipplr.com/view/80407/an-example-bash-file-for-set-temporary-path/ "set-mysqlRT-Env.bat")

pluss other bash commond


@echo off
call set-mysqlRT-Env
mysql --defaults-file=%mysqlConf% --print-defaults
mysql --defaults-file=%mysqlConf%

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  1. @echo off
  2. call ${EnvSet_Bash}
  3. mysql --defaults-file=%mysqlConf% --print-defaults
  4. mysql --defaults-file=%mysqlConf%

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