Hint: Implementing Pin Based Authentication ( With mOTP API )

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Pin Based login is a mechanism to authenticate user, by sending one time valid pin to user's phone. This implementation makes use of a mOTP API for sending one time pin, via Missed call and thus eliminates any cost involved with the SMS One Time Password ( OTP ) implementation.

The code is contributed by tny.im developer.
Live example is available on this URL: https://tny.im/otplogin.php

The source code is shared for developer's reference, to Implement user authentication via Missed Calls ( by using mOTP API )

Step1: To send a one-time password to a phone:

Step2: To retrieve the correct password for the session ID that is returned on the previous step (so you can compare with what the user entered):

Another reference code can be downloaded at

URL: http://code.google.com/p/missed-call-otp/wiki/SampleCode2

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