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ActiveMQ 5.8 Groovy Embeded Broker Example - Laurence Toenjes - 5/14/2013
This example overcomes some limitations of the basic ActiveMQ embedded
brokers examples I found online

Some of the challenges were:
# Multiple instances on same machine and be able to use JMX.
# Running on a machine with less than 50G or 100G disk space
caused combinations of ActiveMQ errors or warnings.
# Groovy Grapes/Grab syntax to use that would work on pc and mac.

The broker in this example uses a nonpersistent store and
is multicast discoverable and should allow you to run multiple instances
of it (in separate processes of course) which is the reason for all the
code snips containing random port nums and random thread sleeps
to increase the odds of success of each new embedded broker process
to get a working set of port nums.

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