Drupal CSS: Collapsing Fieldsets

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  1. html.js fieldset.collapsed{ border-bottom-width:0; border-left-width:0; border-right-width:0; margin-bottom:0; height:1em}html.js fieldset.collapsed *{ display:none}html.js fieldset.collapsed legend{ display:block}html.js fieldset.collapsible legend a{ padding-left:18px;/* LTR */ background:url(images/menu-expanded.png) 5px 75% no-repeat;/* LTR */}html.js fieldset.collapsed legend a{ background-image:url(images/menu-collapsed.png);/* LTR */ background-position:5px 50%;/* LTR */}* html.js fieldset.collapsed legend,* html.js fieldset.collapsed legend *,* html.js fieldset.collapsed table *{ display:inline}html.js fieldset.collapsible{ position:relative}html.js fieldset.collapsible legend a{ display:block}html.js fieldset.collapsible .fieldset-wrapper{ overflow:auto}

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