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I made this simple JavaScript to save me time. I was sick of having to thumb-bash on a tiny keypad or login to the slow Clickatell site and use their clunky interface (nothing it simpler than 2 text boxes and an OK button).

You will need an HTTP API POST account with Clickatell's Bulk SMS Gateway. I choose them as they are reliable and they are under half the price of most local providers (and they have simple, well documented APIs)

This script is on 1 line intentionally. In your favourite browser create a new bookmark with this as the URL/address. Change the 'username', 'password' and 'api_id' values to your own. Then test it out. Easy.

NOTE: It's not that pretty but you get sent to the API output on submission. If you get a session ID it all went OK, if not you will get an error with a simple explanation of what went wrong.

URL: http://affiliates.clickatell.com/central/campaigns/redir.php?cid=29705

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