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Getting shovel to work in windows so python methods can be run like individual executables

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I had hear about a method to run a method like an executable, with the arguments being passed in from the commandline. Apparently, Ruby has this with the Rake project. Well, Python has it with Shovel. Only the instructions didn't work for me on windows, so I had to create a batch script to call shovel correctly.

So here's my setup. I installed shovel using easy_install shovel, which placed it in my python scripts folder (C:\Python27\Scripts, which is in my PATH). I created 'shovel.bat' (see source) in the same folder. So now I can call shovel from anywhere and it will call my batch file, passing the parameters into shovel.

For completeness, here is my working directory structure (note the subfolder called shovel):

│   song log.log
│   Untitled_10.mp3
│   Untitled_11.mp3
│   Untitled_2.mp3
│   Untitled_3.mp3
│   Untitled_4.mp3
│   Untitled_5.mp3
│   Untitled_6.mp3
│   Untitled_7.mp3
│   Untitled_8.mp3
│   Untitled_9.mp3

My python script is incomplete but can be run by shovel using shovel tasks.extractSongInfo "log file name.log" from the directory above the 'shovel' directory. Here's the script:

from shovel import task

def extractSongInfo(logFile):
    """Given a log file with lines like
"{date} INFO     Currently playing - Song: {songName} - Artist: {artist} - Length: {numSeconds}"
return a collection of extracted info."""
    opId = "Extracting song info" # operation ID
    print opId
    print 'Done: ' + opId
  1. :: @echo off
  2. :: This file can be called from anywhere, so we need to give the full path to the shovel file (which is in the same directory as this script)
  3. @setlocal
  4. @set directory=%~dp0
  5. @python %directory%shovel %*
  6. :: Turns out the above works, so no need to inline the contents of 'shovel' as done below. Note, the shovel python file needs to be in a subdirectory called 'shovel'
  7. :: python -c "__requires__ = 'shovel==0.1.9'; import pkg_resources; pkg_resources.run_script('shovel==0.1.9', 'shovel')" %*

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